It can be tough organising a hen do, often bringing together different groups of friends – will they get on, will everyone mix? Being the bride you might feel like you have to keep going from one group to the other to make sure everyone is having a nice time and afterwards you realise you spent so much time worrying about everyone else you forgot to have a good time yourself!

The first thing to get right is the accommodation, if everyone is in the same place it helps with keeping everyone together and integrating everyone into the group. Luckily for us we have the largest holiday let in Brighton so keeping everyone together isn’t going to be an issue – unless there are more than 33 of you!

We think the other thing to get people gelling is to book an activity, there’s so many to choose from, however some are definitely better than others at getting everyone talking and laughing together.

Here are our favourites:

Life Drawing

life drawing hen do

Ok so it might sound a bit awkward and serious for a hen do, but we guarantee it’s the best giggle going and sure to get everyone knowing each other a bit better. What better way to break the ice than stare at a naked man for an hour!

It’s not just sitting around silently drawing, don’t worry these guys are experts at getting the party going and it starts with your model as a butler so you can have a few drinks and get to know each other. Then the drawing starts – a variety of poses with the model and bride choosing the best drawings of each round, you can even get the bride to pose with the model.

Throughout the session your model incorporates cheeky games, he’ll even stay after for a little drink plus the bride gets to keep all the masterpieces as a memento of her hen do! Now there’s one to show the grandkids!


Chocolate Chuckles

This is one of those things where I think “only in Brighton!” I’m not sure anywhere else could come up with the unique idea of coupling Laughter Yoga with chocolate making!

 laughter yoga

Laughter Yoga is a relatively new concept and is basically a playful, interactive session where groups get to chuckle without the need for jokes or humour. It is said to be hilarious, break down inhibitions and leave you feeling happy! If you’re not happy after the Laughter Yoga (which we think you will be), you can move on to chocolate which I know makes me happy…You’ll get to make, try, eat and keep a range of chocolates. YUM!


Become a pop group

Whether you dreamt of being a Spice Girl, Pussycat Doll, Little Mixer or some other pop star – now’s your chance to shine.  You choose the songs and then learn your very own routine in the style of a pop video or show-stopping extravaganza. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or not, it’s sure to be a hoot.

Imagine all the video and photo opportunities of your girl group strutting their stuff and there’s plenty of room at the beach house for you all to get involved!

Hen Party dance experience

These are just a few ice-breaker ideas, there is so much choice particularly in Brighton and Hove and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can organise activities at the Beach House, with two large lounges and outside space, it’s just perfect. If you want to chat to us about other ideas, we’d love to hear from you.